Hefei Keda Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd.
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            Today is 2019-3-27, Welcome to the web Hefei Keda Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. Website: orgckn.com

            About us

              Hefei Keda Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. is a research and development, production and sales of medium frequency induction furnace, and induction heating equipment manufacturing enterprises. At present, the production of electric furnace capacity from 1 tons to 30 tons, the power supply from 250KW to 18000KW. With dual power supply and multi power supply system as our main products, to meet the requirements of the foundry industry for continuous and stable supply of molten iron. As a company with international leading technology, but also has the independent research and development capability of industrial equipment manufacturers, we are willing to upgrade its own Chinese equipment manufacturing industry make the utmost efforts to provide stability for our customers, and high frequency induction melting system of induction heating equipment, provide a better choice for the market.


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